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Jason Sonnek

Adventium Labs
Mr. Jason Sonnek is a principal research scientist at Adventium Labs, a research lab in Minneapolis, MN. His interests include virtualization, cloud computing, operating systems and computer security. His current research is primarily focused on leveraging virtualization to build secure systems. Mr. Sonnek is the principal investigator on the on-going SecureServe project, a recently launched effort to build a secure server virtualization platform based on Xen. Mr. Sonnek is also the principal investigator for the Virtual Cyber Defender Introspection Appliance, an open VM introspection service developed in collaboration with Citrix for Citrix XenClient XT and demonstrated at Citrix Synergy 2013. Mr. Sonnek has more than five years of experience working with Xen in industry and academia, and has presented his work at several academic conferences and industry trade shows.